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    Default ASP Excel read Japanese data

    Need to read Japanese data from excel sheet and insert in database. Tried, [varValue = xlApp.Application.worksheets(1).cells(r,c).Value] to get the value and insert [varValue] in database. Tried displaying [varValue] thru Response.BinaryWrite. Not displaying japanese data but some &#039;¢0ü0¯0Ò0ë0º0û0¨0°0¼0¯0Æ0£0Ö0û 0¿0ï0ü000ÿÿÿ&#039; kind of data. Please help!!!<BR>

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    Default Did you set the codepage?

    &#060;%<BR>Session.CodePage = 932 &#039; 932 is Shift-JIS encoding, standard for Windows<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>I&#039;ve never tried mucking with Japanese and Excel, but certainly ASP isn&#039;t going to work right unless you set the codepage.<BR><BR>Note that if you are scripting Excel directly, even the codepage may not be enough. But codepage has usually worked for me when working via ADO.<BR><BR>

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