This is very strange. <BR><BR>I have downloaded the sample forum from I have been looking at the way the data is entered into the database, and the basic idea is that for the main body of a forum message, it goes something like:<BR><BR>"insert INTO myDataBase (fldBody) VALUES (&#039;" &server.htmlencode(Request.Form("fldBody"))&"&#039 ;)"<BR><BR>So the message gets passed through server.htmlencode. <BR><BR>If I paste this in from word: It’s like this – like this<BR><BR>and then view the output in an IE browser, it gets displayed exactly as above. <BR><BR>BUT<BR><BR>I have my own setup. It too uses an Access database, and also has a memo field set up *exactly* the same as the one I&#039;ve downloaded. <BR><BR>If I enter the main body through this code again:<BR><BR>"insert INTO myDataBase (fldBody) VALUES (&#039;" &server.htmlencode(Request.Form("fldBody"))&"&#039 ;)"<BR><BR>and also enter the same bit from Word, I get this output, though I have had to put a &#039;-&#039; between each character to prevent your browsers from converting it: <BR><BR>It&-#-8-2-1-7-;s like this &-#-8-2-1-1-; like this... <BR><BR>For both setups, the input forms use POST, the container for the data is a TEXTAREA field with VIRTUAL wrap...<BR><BR>I can&#039;t work it out, they seem identical, apart from this really annoying difference.<BR><BR>Thank you<BR><BR>Jim