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    Is there a way to import a text file to a database (SQL 7) table via asp? Here&#039;s what I need... A client wants to be able to collect first name, last name and email address randomly and add them to his database from emails he receives everyday, but these could be in the hundreds and he doesn&#039;t want to do them one by one and that&#039;s the only way I know how to do it. I could create an Access interface where he could do it, but it would be neat if he could paste them into an ASP page and do it in a group. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.<BR>

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    Default RE: is my take on it!

    It can be done using the FileSystem Object in ASP. I haven&#039;t used this object but I can five you an idea of what to do.<BR><BR>Using the FileSystem Object, you can read an entire text file. You read it line by line and get the first name, last name and email ids in an array.<BR><BR>Once you get the data in an array on the ASP page, it would require a simple INSERT(through the standard ODBC connection) to get this data into the SQL Server database.

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