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    For the post of this morning<BR><BR>http://www.aspmessageboard.com/forum/asp.asp?M=471330&T=471330&F=20&P=1<BR><BR><BR>If you&#039;d like to know, you can download it for free from installshield its called PackageForTheWeb<BR><BR>http://www.installshield.com/downloads/default.asp?pm=webpftw&pver=All&gv=1&msxmlhidden=y &mt=All&Language=English&mode=submit&x=40&y=15<BR> <BR><BR>Have fun!

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    Default RE: Same Objective

    If you ask me the ZIP/UNZIP utility also achieves the same objective. When you asked the question the first timie, my understanding was, you are looking for a setup like one in VB which even hides the source code. You cann&#039;t do the same stuff using install shield.<BR><BR>What I meant to say is, Both the setup(VB and Install shield) though allow you to create an EXE and later when you run it,does the file extraction by itself, there is helluva difference between the two EXE.<BR><BR>But I think you got what you needed.<BR><BR>So Cheers! Have a good weekend.

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