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    first off i am new to all this .net stuff. <BR><BR>how do i refreance a hidden field in my form so that i can send some hidden data about and also how can i access that hidden field from my .net programe??<BR><BR>sorry for being so lame..

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    &#060;input type="hidden" id="hidField" RunAt="Server" /&#062;<BR><BR>Then, you can access it/set it by doing:<BR>hidField.Value = "The value"

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    Default Try using ViewState instead

    I find that it is much easier to work with viewstate than hidden form fields. It&#039;s like a session variable that exists for the life of the form.<BR><BR>In your code...<BR><BR>If Not Page.IsPostBack Then<BR> ViewState("MyHiddenField") = MyVariable<BR>Else<BR> MyVariable = ViewState("MyHiddenField")<BR>End If<BR><BR>

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