Hello there,<BR><BR>Suppose I am filling a Dataset from a DataSource, and then sending the results to the client. The client makes changes and sends the results back as a string of XML that is used to create another DataSet. So I have the old dataset that accessed the DataSource, and the New DataSet with all the changes. So somehow I have to get the changes in the client dataset into the other one. In most cases this is pretty straightforward, and just involves a row by row comparison. But suppose there is a very good chance that the number of rows in the two datasets will differ. For example suppose that the Dataset consists of a table with Contact Methods for a particular employee. This table has one column that holds strings like "Phone", "Fax", "Email", "Carrier Pigeon" etc. So if the Dataset that was filled from the DataSource contains the values "Email", "Phone", "Telepathic Projection" and the Dataset from the client has the just the values "Phone" and "Smoke Signals", how do I go about making changes to the original Dataset? Do I just delete all of the old values and<BR>read in the new ones regardless of whether there has been actual changes or not? As you can see I am a little confused here! Please Help!!!!<BR><BR>Dan<BR>