What's the best way?? (weekly Snapshot/ASP)

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Thread: What's the best way?? (weekly Snapshot/ASP)

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    I&#039;m creating a status report, that each week takes a "snapshot" of information from the "main" database. There is a form that works in the middle that lets the manager edit the data before the snapshot is taken.<BR><BR>I have an area of the report called "Major Projects" --- The projects in this list fluxuate from week to week.<BR><BR>My question is this:<BR><BR>I can populate a form with all the current projects. The problem I&#039;m having is in the "create report" ASP page.<BR><BR>How can I code my page so it "knows" how many fields are in the page&#039;s form? I want to Request.Form the major projects, but have no way of knowing how to tell it to see how many "project" fields to gather (task1, task2, task3, etc)<BR><BR>Also, I don&#039;t know how to do this without writing a separate INSERT INTO query for each project...<BR><BR>Any help would be wildly appreciated.<BR><BR>dep<BR>

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    If you were to name the Major Project &#060;input&#062; fields the same name then when they are posted (form submitted) they will come across as a collection. You could then just iterate through a loop such as:<BR><BR>For Each MajorProject in frmMajorProjects<BR>...code here<BR>Next<BR><BR>

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