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    I don&#039;t know if this is the right forum for this but does anyone know if cgi scripts will work in asp pages?? I have been using cgi scripts for some time now and I am trying to use them in asp pages that I am creating and the results of the scripts will not show in the pages I want. Instead the results show on a blank page (which is the default if the script can&#039;t find the correct page to display the information). With these cgi scripts you must place 3 "+++" on the page where you want the results to display. But for some reason the results can&#039;t find the "+++".<BR><BR>If anyone has any answers for me, I would appreciate it.<BR><BR>Gary

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    No, you cannot use cgi scripting within an asp page. It doesn&#039;t work in that manner. If you want to use cgi scripting, make a cgi page. If you want an asp page, use vbscript or javascript to code it. What you&#039;re wanting to do would be the equivalent of mixing vb and c++ code together and trying to compile it. It doesn&#039;t match up.

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    Default If you want to use a cgi script however return

    your results to an ASP script. You can use XMLHTTP object to execute the the cgi script and simply return the data to your ASP script. You can return the data in any form you like XML string, HTML string, flat data, etc. <BR><BR>Does that make sense?<BR><BR>Good luck<BR>Pete

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    Default Akshooerly..

    you can run Perl quite happily in an ASP page, if that&#039;s what the questioner&#039;s getting at.<BR><BR>Try 4GuysFromRolla tech tips there&#039;s stuff buried in there somewhere.<BR><BR>Of course this is within the ASP object model and with only a passing interest in the CGI standard...

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