First I received an error message from an individual from the Netherlands saying that there was a security issue with my site. He was telling me about an SQL injection attack that could happen in my login and password fields. He directed me to a 4guys article that explained this and I thanked him for it and updated my pages pronto. It&#039;s kind of scary knowing that all someone needs is the password and they can long in as the first person in the database.<BR><BR>Now I am seeing HTTP_Referer links in my admin section for this servervariable that I don&#039;t understand and are not valid to my website. <BR>Here is the link:<BR><BR>Field blocked by Outpost (<BR><BR>Clicking on this link results in page not found but I entered this URL in the address bar and it is a website about Internet security. I assume this is a hint. How were they able to do this and how can I prevent this?<BR><BR>There was also another with this URL<BR><BR><BR>Blocked by Norton<BR><BR><BR>Of course no page found, but How did they do this and how can I prevent it? <BR><BR><BR><BR>