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    Hi, ill keep this as simple as i can.<BR>(Not looking for the work to be done, just advice or pointer)<BR><BR>I am going to be holding quite a few Polls on my site for members. (approx 2500 members.)<BR><BR>I can see polls being 20 to 40 items in length. (All Individual Check Box for yes or no answers only.<BR>There are many ways to do this.<BR><BR>I Currently add a new record for each yes/no answer with Check box as question ID and entered as such in DB<BR>ie: IF i select Yes to questions 1, 5, 9, 10<BR>Table ID(Autonum), memberID, PollID, QuestionID, Answer (yes/no)<BR>QID, A<BR>1 , Yes<BR>5 , Yes<BR>9 , Yes<BR>10 , Yes<BR>You can imagin the load to query data like this for "Poll Stats"<BR>It&#039;s Tedious LOL.<BR><BR>This is only a Thought.<BR>Can I enter everything a member selects into 1 database field with comma delimiter and be able to query it somehow like that?<BR><BR>IE.<BR>Have 1 record like this.<BR>Table - ID(Autonum), memberID, PollID, Answers<BR>In answers enter this as above <BR>1/True, 5/True, 9/True, 10/True<BR>Something like this with Question identifyer and answer grouping.<BR><BR>IF i had 2000 Records like this<BR>It it possible to Query this to count how many chose yes for Question 1, 5, 9, 10.<BR>Keeping in mind this could have a possible 40 Pairings in the field.<BR><BR>I might neet to group values for every question if they chose to answer or not to keep is consistant...<BR>But just looking to see if this is a feasable way?<BR><BR>Or any other offerings on where to start with this?<BR><BR>Like i said, I am currenntly doing the above (1st option)<BR>But only for 5 or 10 questions.<BR>With more questions im not sure if access can handle it and looking to make it more efficient.<BR><BR>Any advice would be appreciated.<BR>Thanks<BR>Russell M

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    Default Bad, bad idea

    You really don&#039;t want to store it in a delimeted string in your db. <BR><BR>The way you have it now it the best setup!

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