I&#039;ve downloaded the sample forum from www.asp-dev.com/download.asp and am looking at the way it uses server.htmlencode. On the page where a new topic is added to the forum, the main body of the message is passed through server.htmlencode:<BR><BR>Strmsg = server.htmlencode(Request.Form("Message"))<BR><BR> and then Strmsg is inserted into a Memo field in an Access db. <BR><BR>So if I paste this in from Word:<BR><BR>It’s like this – like this<BR><BR>then that gets displayed as it appears above in the browser. <BR><BR>BUT<BR><BR>I have something I&#039;m working on myself. <BR><BR>If I have similarly the main body of a form passed through:<BR><BR>strMsg = server.htmlencode(Request.Form("fldBody"))<BR><BR> and then insert that into a memo field in an Access db which is set up the same as the previous one I mentioned, then this gets shown by the browser, though I have had to put a &#039;-&#039; between each character to prevent your browsers from converting it:<BR><BR><BR>It&-#-8-2-1-7-;s like this &-#-8-2-1-1-; like this...<BR><BR>What is going on? I can&#039;t work it out at all, they both use server.htmlencode in the same way, how can it screw one up but not the other? <BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>