Yes, .)(., tis is a crosspost from the ASP Q&A...<BR><BR><BR><BR>If you don&#039;t want to read through the threads, the answer was to use a dictionary object, which I cannot... you can only return a UDT with automation-enabled data types, of which this doesn&#039;t have. Here&#039;s the text from the original post:<BR><BR>************************************* *******************<BR><BR>Okay... I&#039;ve been at this for 24 hours now, and decided to ask you guys what&#039;s the best way to do this -- cause everything else is failing for me. <BR><BR>I have (I think it&#039;s a UDT in VB??) that for all intents and purposes, has in its elements, a linked list... in other words, one element may contain another "array". So it&#039;s set up like this: <BR><BR>UDT thisOne <BR> element 1: 50 <BR> element 2: someArray <BR><BR>and someArray will contain more elements that relate to say, element 1 of thisOne (confused yet?). <BR><BR>So, how to get this back into ASP? I&#039;ve played with trying to throw it into a 2D array, but creating a 2D array from COM nearly killed me yesterday. <BR><BR>I wrote the original setup like this, and if everything is formatted within the COM component, it would work perfectly (this was originally designed in case of an ISAPI/CGI implementation). <BR><BR>So, what would you do? I&#039;d hate to have to return a completely formatted HTML string with this data, cause if one thing changes... well..... <BR><BR>The idea would be to get all that information back to ASP. Any ideas? <BR>