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    I am using DTS to pump data from a Sybase DB to MSSQL DB. I am using ODBC to connect to sybase and OLEDB to SQL.<BR> I could execute a sybase stored procedure with &#039;source SQL statement&#039; of DTS. But unfortunately I can not pass any parameter to it. For ex: <BR><BR>exec sp_getcases() <BR><BR>will work great. <BR><BR>But <BR><BR>exec sp_getcases &#039;Jan 1 2002&#039; <BR><BR>is giving me Problems. It says "Null accessors are not supported by this provider". <BR><BR>The DTS is <BR><BR>Win2000 / SQL 7.0 / Service pack 3 / MDAC 2.5 <BR><BR>Any idea folks ? <BR>

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    Default let me give you an example

    Set rsDelayed = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR><BR>page d = "DECLARE @ThisPage int, @RecsPerPage int, @CUSTID int EXECUTE sp_DelayShip "& currentPage & "," & iRecordsPerPage & ","& f<BR><BR>Set rsDelayed = conntemp.Execute(paged)

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