I have created an ASP.net page that requires file path input for a database. The problem is that some paths are network share folders that are mapped locally. I need the UNC share name, so I am using the FileSYsytemObject to scan for drives, match drive letters, and get the UNC path. I created a test program that worked perfectly in vb, so I decided to use the same sort of code in my page to achieve the same effect. The code needs to run client side to detect their local drives, so I created a javascript function to deal with it. Anyway, I keep getting an Automation Server can&#039;t create object error. I am under the impression that what I&#039;m doing is not allowed for security reasons, but I&#039;m not really sure. Here is my script.<BR><BR>function ConvertToUNC() {<BR> var oldPath, dummy, finalPath;<BR> var fso, drive, drives;<BR> var drvLetter;<BR> oldPath = document.getElementById("txtFile").value;<BR> dummy = oldPath.split(":");<BR> if(dummy.length &#062; 1) {<BR> fso = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");<BR> drives = fso.Drives;<BR> for(drive in drives) {<BR> drvLetter = drive.DriveLetter;<BR> if(drvLetter == dummy[0]) {<BR> strFinalPath = drive.ShareName;<BR> strFinalPath += dummy[1];<BR> }//endif<BR> }//endfor<BR> } else {<BR> strFinalPath = oldPath;<BR> }//endif<BR> document.getElementById("txtFile").value = strFinalPath;<BR> }//end ConvertToUNC<BR><BR>Anyone have any ideas??<BR><BR>Maynard