Can anyone tell me how to terminate (and identify) all sessions with out killing IIS? I am building an asp application that automates code moves to remote servers and am working on sending a notification to the user 5 min before maintenance is performed. This is accomplished with an include file on every page that opens another page that has a warning stating that they need to save their data as system maintenance will be performed in 5 min - on down to 1 min. When the session expires, they are sent to a maintenance page where session.abandon is called.<BR><BR>I got everything working, including ending the sessions, but I am afraid my method is not sound. I have a flag set in a DB which I check for in the session_OnStart Sub in the Global.asa. If set to yes, user is redirected to a maintenance page where I call session.abandon. <BR><BR>When the administrator sets the flag in the DB via an asp page, I also add a blank line to the global.asa file and close it using FSO. This saves a new date/time stamp, and after the requests are processed, it is re-compiled and the Session_OnStart sub is called in the Global.asa blocking access. I am not sure if this could lead to problems especially if there is heavy traffic.<BR><BR>Can anyone suggest a better method for listing and or terminating all sessions with out killing IIS?<BR><BR>Thanks - Brien