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    shaz Guest

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    Please helm me, does anyone know how to calculate the difference between 2 date fields with now() values? Much appreciated.

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    hello,<BR>i&#039m a beginner, but i used this function from help files and it works for me.<BR>Function DiffADate(theDate)<BR>DiffADate = DateDiff("d", Now, theDate)<BR>End Function<BR>&#039 n - min, h - hours<BR>hope this helps<BR>lana<BR>

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    shaz Guest

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    Thank you for responding so quickly, however, I do not think that I explained the situation very clear. I have 2 date fields containing the format for now() eg, 16/02/00 21:32:14 and I&#039d like to know how to calculate the differences between these 2 fields. Is this possible? Thanks

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