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    Hi im not sure this counts as advanced but it is to me. I have used ASP to create a database which allows users to register a number of details. However I want the users to be able to choose to upload an image. <BR><BR>However the image needs to be restricted in size, The user can decline to send an image, and most importantly the users image file needs to be altered in name so it is the same as their username or database number (both of which r unique) otherwise users may upload the same file name.<BR><BR>I would really like either an idiot proof tutorial or a free component package (ok maybe a bit of a tall order) but the site im creating is free to use so I need to keep down costs. <BR><BR>Any help would be great (or even suggestions for using another forum) Cheers

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    Not really advanced, but www.asp101.com has a pure asp file upload script which allows you to upload files directly to a db.<BR><BR>Also, there are several components available check www.aspin.com

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