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    Hello, I have noticed on a couple of sites that they offer their users the ability to search by alphabet letter. For example, if the user clicks on the letter B, it will bring up all articles that start with the letter B. I am trying to perform a similiar task. I guess the easiest way to go about it would be to simply create a field in my Access db table, where I place the letter that I want to search on. <BR><BR>Can anyone offer me another/better way to go about it? Perhaps somehow parse/retrieve only the first letter of my field I am seaching on? Any other ideas on the best way to go about this?<BR><BR>Also, if I write out each letter and make it a hyperlink, will I have to have a seperate SQL statement for each letter? <BR>e.g. <BR>Select * from articles where articleIndex=&#039;a&#039;<BR>Select * from articles where articleIndex=&#039;b&#039;<BR>...<BR><BR>or is there a general SQL statement that I can use for all the letters?<BR><BR>If it matters, I am using C# to develop this site. Is there a particular name for this kind of searching/indexing that I might be able to find tutorials on? <BR><BR>Any information in this area, or answers to some of my questions above would be most appreciated! THank you all!

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    Select * from articles where articleIndex=&#039;" & TheCharYouAreSearchingFor & "&#039;"

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