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    How the heck do I post a new question?<BR> When you enter a forum, you&#039ll see at the top a welcome message. For example, in the<BR> ASP Q & A Forum, the introduction message reads: "Got a Question about Active<BR> Server Pages? Ask your question here! ..." To post a new message in this forum, simply<BR> click on the RESPOND link directly below the introduction message! That&#039s it! :)<BR><BR>Not exactly. New question led me here.<BR><BR>What to do? Not really that easy to understand your site, which is a pity because it is by far and away best ASP site I have discovered.<BR><BR>Please make easy to use as it is V frustrating.<BR>

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    When you enter a forum, there is only one possible link at the top... "Start a New Thread". Now, if you click on a thread, there are 2... "Reply" and "Start a New Thread".<BR><BR>I think it is obvious what each does.<BR><BR>

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