Bill Wilkinson, is this true??

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Thread: Bill Wilkinson, is this true??

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    Default Bill Wilkinson, is this true??

    Hi Bill, or whoever reads this, <BR><BR>Remember telling me about chillisoft ASP the other day. Well I put that to my hoster who came back with the folloing reply. do you know if they are talking a load of s**t or should I believe them.<BR><BR><BR>"With regard to the ASP services offered by LDH Solutions Ltd the latest version of Sun ONE ASP (formerly Chilisoft) is supported which provides access to virtually all features of Microsoft ASP, including VBScript and JScript, with the exception of Microsoft Access databases which LDH are helping customers to convert to enterprise-level MySQL databases free of charge (ADO and ODBC are both fully supported). If you have any specific queries regarding the compatibility of your ASP code with Sun ONE ASP then please let us know and we will be able to investigate the matter further for you – in our experience 98% of ASP scripts have worked successfully with no code changes whatsoever."

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    Default Yep...Looks right.

    If you want to know specifics about what ChiliASP (Or whatever they call it now) supports...<BR><BR>

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    Default Define ''true''

    98% of ASP scripts, huh?<BR><BR>I suppose that&#039;s true. 98% of all lines of ASP code will port directly over. But, still, if you have 10,000 line of code to port, that means you have to *FIND* the 200 or so lines that aren&#039;t compatible and figure out what to do with them.<BR><BR>Realistically, it all depends on how many features of the latest version(s) of ASP you using. The imact might be minimal. It might be fairly extensive.<BR><BR>

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