I really need some help with a global.asa problem. I&#039;ve tried everything, but nothing works.<BR>I have a global.asa file, everytime my host restarts their servers my asp scripts won&#039;t "connect" to the db through the global.asa. But as soon as I upload the exact like global.asa file again everything works.<BR><BR>here&#039;s the global.asa file:<BR><BR>Sub Application_OnStart<BR> Set Application("oConn")=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Co nnection")<BR> Application("oConn").Open "Provider=SQLOLEDB;User ID=***;Password=***;Initial Catalog=***;Server=***"<BR>End Sub<BR><BR>I know I should open and close the connection in each script. But what am I doing wrong? I have other domains on the same server that is useing global.asa, but none of these need to be uploaded after a server restart, but these don&#039;t use SQL server, they use access. <BR><BR>What do I do? plz help