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    I am sure this question has come up before, but I was unable to find anything on it. I have a form that people fill out, when they click submit, I send them to another form that collects all the previous form information in hidden fields, and allows the user to input new information in new fields (credit card card info). My problem is here, when the user clicks submit, I need the credit card info to go to the credit card processor, but I need to the information in the hidden fields to go to post to another page...Anyone have any thoughts on how to accomplish this? Thanks for taking a look.<BR><BR>Cheers

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    Hum....without knowing details, there are two solutions I can see.<BR><BR>Are you able at javascripting? Is it allowed?<BR><BR>If so, you could use 0% size frames (...what I call hidden frames)<BR><BR>This way you&#039;d have two documents, one for hidden fields and the other for credit card stuff<BR><BR> can open a new smaller window saying "Please wait while we process your information" or something like that. This window can process some stuff while the main window does something else.<BR><BR>If javascript is not allowed. well then...hum...<BR><BR>you could submit to a new page with &#060;form ... target="_new"&#062; then again you&#039;d have two windows but....without javascript its not worth it.<BR><BR>You could submit to a page who&#039;d stored the hidden fields in a DB (are you allowed to store that information?) and then redirect to credit card processor and once you are through get the hidden fields info back.<BR><BR>St├ęphane Dorion

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