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    We have an MS Access database that is used by an Internet Mapping Application to generate thematic maps based on calculations performed on parameters chosen by the user. Some of our data has zeros in it and when the user puts one of these fields in the denominator, it will not calc any of the records. We need to have the ability to calc a result for those records which do not have zeros. Our application is ASP. Any way to control the zero denominator issue ?

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    only way is to check for a zero before you do the calc.<BR>as in<BR>if denominator = 0 then<BR> report error<BR>else<BR> do calc<BR>end if

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    Default Can you give us an example of the code

    that is currently doing this and an example of one of these calculations?<BR><BR>I have an idea of what you are actually trying to do, however its really just guessing ; )<BR><BR>Good luck<BR>Pete

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