Here is my code:<BR><BR>
<BR>    Sub Page_Load<BR>        Dim objBitmap As Bitmap<BR>        Dim objGraphics As Graphics<BR>        Dim objPen As Pen<BR>        Dim objColor As Color<BR>        Dim intWidth, intHeight As Integer<BR>        dim g as System.Drawing.Image = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(Server.Mappath( "OJsPainter/BackGrounds/backgroung.jpg" ) )<BR><BR>        objBitmap = New Bitmap(g, 700, 100)<BR>        objGraphics  = Graphics.FromImage( objBitmap )<BR>        objBitmap.Save( Response.OutputStream, ImageFormat.jpeg)<BR>        <BR>    End Sub<BR>
<BR><BR>This opens a the image file and outputs it to the browser. When I try to right click and save the image, it is an .bmp image+ Why is that? I have specifyed ImageFormat.jpeg. What am I doing wrong?