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    i am making an intranet site, how can i make an email system on the network using asp, and also a chatting site.<BR>can a frontpage web server uses asp scripting.<BR><BR>

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    Microsoft IIS 3.0 and up has support for ASP, there are other servers as well that do, but I don&#039t know them all.<BR><BR>In regards to e-mail and chat, they can&#039t be easily done with ASP. You will need to get a pop3 server and SMTP server for the e-mail. And the chat (I&#039m assuming you want real time chat) will most likely require activex or java if you want to chat from a web page. However, if all you are after is a web board like the one we are using now, then this can be acomplished with ASP.<BR><BR>Nathan Pond

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