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    CDONTS Attachments <BR>I am using CDONTS to e-mail attachments using <BR>objMail.AttachFile("e:webattachmentsdirecway.h tm") <BR><BR>My customer has several agreements that must be e-mailed depending on product purchased. Is there a way to dynamically create this attachment. ex...... <BR><BR><BR>if strAgreement = "dir" then <BR>objMail.AttachFile("e:webattachmentsdir.htm" ) <BR>else if strAgreement = "dirt" then <BR>objMail.AttachFile("e:webattachmentsdir2.htm ") <BR>end if <BR>end if <BR><BR>Any ideas, or am I make something simple - difficult?<BR>

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    Default yah, that will work

    why wouldn&#039;t it?<BR>~~Chaotix

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