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    Hope someone out there can help me. I am new to ASP, so I will explain what I am trying to do.<BR><BR>I have a database that has businesses listed in it, with the name, address, city and category they belong in.<BR><BR><BR>What I am trying to do is have it where you click on a link on my page (ex. Restaurants) and it will bring up a listing of the cities that all restaurants are in - then you click on a particular city and get a listing of each restaurant in that city.<BR><BR>If someone knows the asp code for doing this, I would appreciate it.<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>Gary

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    Hi Gary,<BR><BR>You need to write the code for it. If you get into trouble or have specific questions then thats what we&#039;re here for. ; )<BR><BR>Now if you are new to ASP and need code examples and/or explanations, then you should look in the ASPFAQ section in the upper right of this site. I think you&#039;ll find everything you&#039;ll need for what you are trying to do.<BR><BR>To get you started I&#039;ll say you&#039;ll probably want to write an ASP page which does following when someone clicks on a restaurant link:<BR><BR> 1) connects to your database using ADO<BR> 2) executes a SQL statement to get list of cities from your table again using ADO<BR> 3) loop thru the records/results that are returned and display your nicely formatted output<BR><BR>This is actually pretty easy and again we&#039;ll be here to help, however you have to start it. ; )<BR><BR>Good luck<BR>Pete<BR><BR>

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