I have a user who would like to use Exchange&#039s calendar functionality plus Outlook&#039s e-mail facility tied in with the Intranet to allow people to make direct bookings. The idea is that people can book training courses through a standard ASP form on our Intranet while the same people can use Outlook to switch to a set-aside read-only Outlook address holding the same course information in a calendar format.<BR>So far, this is looking like the son of Frankenstein&#039s monster and I&#039ve no idea whether I want the data on SQL Server (the original plan) or Exchange or what. I&#039ve read how to use CDO and CDONTS to mail through Outlook but I&#039m stumped on where/how to hold date/time info.<BR>Any help on where I could find info on this problem gratefully <BR>appreciated: I&#039ve checked out cdolive.com and the MSDN without much help. Have I bitten off more than I can chew?<BR><BR>Franco Milazzo<BR>csafm@rbkc.gov.uk