Hi, <BR>We have com objects developed in VB 6 SP5 and running on MTS. All objects classes are marked as "No Transactions". <BR>We create and destroy all components in every page. <BR>Components are apartment threaded. <BR>We make function calls and get output in the form of &#039;OUTPUT variables&#039; from the function. <BR>eg: <BR>Dim sErr,sDesc <BR>.... <BR>.... <BR>set oStat=Server.CreateObject("MyMain.clsMaster") <BR>sLocData=oStat.GetLoc(sErr,sDesc) <BR><BR>The sErr & sDesc variables are used in above lines too, but in some cases it crashes at "sLocData=oStat.GetLoc(sErr,sDesc)" and we get strange errors like <BR>1.) "The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable" <BR>2.) "The remote procedure call failed" <BR>3.) "Invalid access to memory location" <BR><BR>These errors occur in similar situations in other asp files too. <BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any help. <BR>Ram