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    Hello,<BR><BR>I have a problem, but I think it can be resolved. I just need a little guidance. What I need to do is make a file that will e-mail a set of users daily. I was thinking midnight might be a good time to run it. However, the site this is going on is being hosted by a company that won&#039;t allow me any server access to schedule tasks. I know there&#039;s another way to do this, but I can&#039;t remember where I saw it. It would be fine if a user had to trigger the action by going to a page. Whatever needs to be done, they just have to go out daily. Any help or advice would be greatly appereciated. By the way, it&#039;s all in asp running off of a sql database.<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>Wil<BR>

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    If your using SQL Server and you are able to create jobs and you also have SQLMail installed you can do it that way.<BR><BR>Else there is quite a few articles on doing this using Session/Application object trigger:<BR><BR>

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