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    I posted this message to many forum and nobody answered me :)<BR><BR>I don&#039;t even know if what i&#039;ma sking for is possible to make.<BR><BR>Ok... i want ppl download files from my server without seeing its url and, above all, without getting the file using a download manager (ie getright).<BR><BR>i tried this javascript in onload event:<BR>msg = open("dsdwnsxghj/", "download");<BR><BR>it works since nobody has to click in a link that shows the url, it only appears the dialog box for saving the file.<BR>The problem is that if you use flashget or getirght active... they take the download event from the browser and so take the url also.<BR><BR>I CANNOT use the ADODB.Stream... i just want to know if it is possible<BR><BR>it&#039;s very important, plz if someone can help me... :(

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    Default You can't. Period. <eop>


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