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    Is it possible to present data from a MS Access database in a graph or chart in an ASP page instead of just as ascii characters in list format. How would the chart be generated? could this be done with excel?<BR><BR>The only option I have so far been able to design is using a different image to substitute for each data value in a list in order to mimic a bar chart in the page, ok for a small amount of data but not practical for large datasets and in any case defeats the purpose of using dynamic pages really.

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    There is a tutorial on making interactive graphs using the MSGraph activeX control at<BR><BR><BR><BR>otherwise you could use image and then set the width and heigt properties of the image dynamically in accordance with you data.<BR><BR>Hope to being doing something of this sort in the very near future. So if this has been of help would love to know how you get on.<BR><BR>Graham

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