Hi <BR>I need someone to complete my site for me. I managed to make most of it myself by using ASPMaker and i host it in this link http://user.domaindlx.com/doctorproject <BR><BR>The website is not ready yet regarding the appearance but i need to make some modification to the search utility. (e.g. at the moment when u place a search and there is no doctor availiable the search gives u a result such as "no records found" what i need to do is the program to check the postcode the user is typing eg "NE20 5BX" and if its no doctor availiable at this postcode the program to give the next nearest one such as "NE19 or NE21" <BR><BR>As i need some other bits and peices that i cannot do it by myself is there anyone who can do that for me please send me an email. xouleles@yahoo.co.uk <BR>