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    How can I unbind data from a Datagrid? I have a page that the user can Click on a link that Runs a sub to toggle the visibility of multiple tables and also runs a sproc to populate a table. The problem is after I run one sproc the performace of the site diminished. I think this is due to the data being binded to a grid in a table that isnt visible. Any suggestions?

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    Default add a condition

    if you only want the datagrid to be databind-ed when the datagrid is visible, then put a condition in your script that only binds the data when you want the datagrid to be visible.<BR><BR>the condition i have seen for this sort of thing is:<BR>IF IsPostback = True THEN<BR>... conditional code with the databinding<BR>END IF<BR><BR>i have seen this in the Page_Load sub. of course, you may need to test for a different condition, but the concept is the same<BR>

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