I am trying to set up a way to display a school lunch menu display. There are three menus Week 1, 2, 3, each with 5 days. Each day can have n menu items per day. In the database, I have a weekNumber table, a dayNumber table and a menuList table. The menuList rows consist of a single menu item, like Milk or Hot Dog, the Week Number and the Day Number. One day has as many rows as there are menu items, etc. <BR><BR>Using Old version of ASP I retrieve the list for all the weeks in the database. I do this with GetRows, so I have an array of all the rows. I then loop through the weeks, building an array of the day and menu item for the first week. Once the week array is complete, I distribute into a table like so:<BR><BR>iDayID = arWeekmenu(0, iCount)<BR>If iDayID &#062; 1 and iDayID &#060;&#062; iCheckDay Then<BR>response.write("&#060;/td&#062;")<BR>bStartCell = TRUE<BR>iCheckDay = iDayID <BR>End If<BR>If iDayID = 1 and bStartCell = TRUE Then <BR>response.write("&#060;tr align=&#039;left&#039; valign=&#039;top&#039;&#062;&#060;td width=&#039;125&#039;&#062;")<BR>bStartCell = False<BR>End If<BR>If iDayID = 1 Then<BR>sMenuItem = arWeekmenu(1,iCount)<BR>Response.Write(sMenuItem&" <BR>")<BR>End If<BR><BR>The same basic code is repeated for each of the other days. Since I retrieve the data sorted by day and week, this works pretty well. <BR><BR>Question is, I am converting to ASP.NET and wonder if there wouldn&#039;t be a better way to perform the distribution. Although this doesn&#039;t perform badly, it does require a lot of looping to do the entire distribution. I don&#039;t know if any of the new data controls in .NET can do any of this kind of sorting, or if there are any functions in ADO.Net that would make it a cleaner process. Any suggestions appreciated. <BR><BR>Thanks, Dave<BR><BR><BR>