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    Hi all,<BR>Is there anyway to resize a frame in netscape 4.x.? I am getting it in IE by giving parent.document.body.rows property.I have 3 frames frame1,frame 2 and frame3 in a frameset.I could maximise the third frame by giving parent.document.body.rows=0,*,650. in IE. Is there anyway to do it in Netscape?<BR>Annus

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    I&#039;m pretty sure that you can&#039;t. Netscape 4.x has problems resizing browser windows (because it can&#039;t re-paginate pages once displayed).<BR><BR>For that reason alone, I&#039;d be seriously surprised if it exposed any properties/methods which would allow you to resize the frames...<BR><BR>There is a window.frames[] array which would allow you to reference the frames, but there&#039;s nothing in my book about resizing them.<BR><BR>Craig.

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