hullo,<BR>I am working on the COM interop<BR>I have created a simple VB dll to add 2 numbers.<BR><BR>Then i imported it to .NET using tlbimp utility.<BR>C:&#062;tlbimp "C:Com InteropVBServer.dll" /out:"C:Com <BR>InteropDotNetClient.dll"<BR><BR>After which i referenced that dll in my C# file.when i compile my program, it gives the error saying that the type or the namespace is not referenced...below is my c#<BR>code.DotNetAddProject is vb dll which is referenced.<BR><BR>using System;<BR><BR>using DotNetAddProject; <BR><BR>class App <BR><BR>{ <BR><BR>public static void Main(string[] args)<BR><BR>{ <BR><BR>Add obj = new Add(); <BR><BR>int result = obj.Add( Int32.Parse(args[0]), Int32.Parse(args[1]) ); <BR><BR>Console.WriteLine("The result is: {0:###}", result); <BR><BR>}<BR><BR>} <BR><BR> <BR><BR>Error is :C:Com InteropTestClient.cs(8): The type or<BR>namespace name &#039;obj&#039; could not be found (are you missing a using <BR>directive<BR>or an assembly reference?)<BR>C:Com InteropTestClient.cs(7): The type or namespace <BR>name<BR>&#039;Add&#039; could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an <BR>assembly<BR>reference?)<BR><BR>thx<BR>Philip