1. I use XmlDataDocument "xmlDoc = new XmlDataDocument(myDataset1)" to create XML from dataset. It works fine except one thing - the first node has a namespace (&#060;root xmlns = ""http://www.tempuri.org/mydataset.xsd"&#062;), which troubles me when I want to transform this XML via XSLT (&#060;xsl:for-each select="root"...). Is there any possibility how to get rid of it (so that the root element would be only &#060;root&#062; without xmlns)? Or can I change this xmlns? And (I know that it si more XSLT/XPath question) - how can I adress node with xmlns in xsl for-each instruction?<BR>2. When I transform XML into HTML via XSLT, how can I displey it in current page (in browser) without saving it (in C#)? In old ASP and VBScript it was just "Response.Write myDoc.transformNode(xslDoc)" - here the similar syntax returns only the name of an object. I know, that when I want to display original XML, I must use "Response.Write(xmlDoc.Outerxml/Innerxml), but (xslt).Transform() doesnt&#039; have Inner or Outerxml so - what to do?