i am trying to catch the value of the session cookie, but the script i am trying from the msdn web site does not seem to be working. however, the session cookie value DOES show up for the same page load in the trace record when i am running application tracing. therefore, i think the problem is in my syntax. can anyone help?<BR><BR>this is the brief code in my test page:<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>&#060;% @Import Namespace="System.Web" %&#062;<BR><BR>&#060;script language="vb" runat="server"&#062;<BR> Sub Page_Load(sender as Object, e as EventArgs)<BR> Dim loop1, loop2 As Integer<BR> Dim arr1(), arr2() As String<BR> Dim MyCookieColl As HttpCookieCollection <BR> Dim MyCookie As HttpCookie<BR><BR> MyCookieColl = Request.Cookies<BR> &#039; Capture all cookie names into a string array.<BR> arr1 = MyCookieColl.AllKeys<BR> &#039; Grab individual cookie objects by cookie name <BR> for loop1 = 0 To arr1.GetUpperBound(0)<BR> MyCookie = MyCookieColl(arr1(loop1))<BR> Response.Write("Cookie: " & MyCookie.Name & "<BR>")<BR> Response.Write("Expires: " & MyCookie.Expires & "<BR>")<BR> Response.Write ("Secure:" & MyCookie.Secure & "<BR>")<BR><BR> &#039; Grab all values for single cookie into an object array.<BR> arr2 = MyCookie.Values.AllKeys<BR> &#039; Loop through cookie value collection and print all values.<BR> for loop2 = 0 To arr2.GetUpperBound(0)<BR> Response.Write("Value " & CStr(loop2) + ": " & arr2(loop2) & "<BR>")<BR> Next loop2<BR> Next loop1<BR> End Sub<BR>&#060;/script&#062;<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>this is what i get when i load the page in my browser:<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Cookie: ASP.NET_SessionId<BR>Expires: 12:00:00 AM<BR>Secure:False<BR>Value 0: <BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>as you can see there is no value recorded. however, when i open up the trace file recording the exact SAME page load, i get the following value for the session cookie:<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>tlhjcr45ylep3h45rsv0epih<BR>-----------------------------------------------------------------<BR>so there is a value. i am just not capturing the value with the code above.<BR> <BR>can anyone show me how to fix this?<BR>