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    I want to change two frame document at a same time when i click on one can i do it ?<BR>Please answer it.<BR>Thanks.

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    Default With JavaScript.. can change the page in any other frame in the window.<BR><BR>It can be a little confusing at first walking through the parent.child relationships of framesets but you&#039;ll get the hang of it.<BR><BR>For instance to get the frameset that holds a particular frame you use the keyword &#039;parent&#039;. To get another frame in this frameset you tack on it&#039;s name or it&#039;s array number index. Then &#039;location.href&#039; will change that frame&#039;s source.<BR><BR>eg<BR>parent.MyOtherFrame.location. href = &#039;AnotherPage.htm&#039;<BR><BR>now it&#039;s time to do some research..

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