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    Default Getting date and time from user

    What is the best way to get date and time from users. Most will never type it in the correct format. I need dates and times. I looked at the calendar and it will be just a date. Time I could put in a list box. I am looking for the easiest way for a user to put in day and time. I want to have the current day and time selected etc. To make it easy. Any ideas?

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    Default build a string

    i would use a list box for the time, or perhaps 2 list boxes if you want 1 for the hour of day and another for the minute (in 15 minute intervals)<BR><BR>then just have your code assemble the user feedback into a string that the database will accept. i would look at the way that your database needs date/time values formatted, and then use that as a model for my string constructor. for example, your string constructor might start with a date value from a calendar control and then append a time value from a list box control to create a string that is compatible with your database&#039;s syntax while also including all the info you need.<BR><BR>hope this helps. btw, any ideas on my posting which is right above yours? i am looking for a way to get the url of the referring page...if you have any ideas, please reply to that post

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