Please help! For some reason my Inner Join query which accepts two parameters REGION an CABIN PACKAGE breaks down after I enter new records into one of the control tables [PriceCategoryCabin].<BR>Strangely, it still works with IDs from the same table (as parameters) before the new data was added. <BR>Why should this be?<BR>My incoming parameter [CabID] is still dependent on the same control table PriceCategoryCabin and should realistically return results.<BR>The test I am using is: User selects ALL Regions [ie Null]; User selects a CabID of e.g. 7. This will return no records. However, If use [RegID]=NULL and [CabID]=(1 or 3) then it will work as expected. (These CabIDs existed before I made additions to PriceCatCabins)...Here is the MS Access 2000 query!<BR>**************************************** *******************<BR><BR>PARAMETERS CabID Long, RegID Long;<BR>SELECT DISTINCT YachtCrewed_PriceCategoryCabin.YachtCrewedID<BR>FR OM (Region INNER JOIN (YachtCrewed INNER JOIN YachtCrewed_Region ON YachtCrewed.YachtCrewedID = YachtCrewed_Region.YachtCrewedID) ON Region.RegionID = YachtCrewed_Region.RegionID) INNER JOIN (PriceCategoryCabin INNER JOIN YachtCrewed_PriceCategoryCabin ON PriceCategoryCabin.PCCabinID = YachtCrewed_PriceCategoryCabin.PCCabinID) ON YachtCrewed.YachtCrewedID = YachtCrewed_PriceCategoryCabin.YachtCrewedID<BR>WH ERE (((YachtCrewed_PriceCategoryCabin.PCCabinID)=[CabID]))<BR>GROUP BY YachtCrewed_PriceCategoryCabin.YachtCrewedID, YachtCrewed_Region.RegionID, [RegID]<BR>HAVING (((YachtCrewed_Region.RegionID)=[RegID])) OR ((([RegID]) Is Null));<BR> <BR>...basically the join accepts two paratmers - A region and A Cabin Package.<BR> <BR>If the user selects ALL regions (ie NULL) then ALL regions matching the PACKAGE are returned. Assume that there will always be a value for CabID (Package). <BR> <BR>Here&#039;s the rub when ALL regions is selected based on a cabin package [CabID]:<BR> <BR>It worked fine when values (1) or (3) were passed as parameters for CabID which are based on actual values in the PriceCategoryCabin table. But, as soon as I add new fields / data ie records to the PriceCategoryCabin table and try to pass these new PCCabinID as parameters to the Join e.g say 5 or 7 - THEN NO records get returned if Region is left ALL (ie Null).<BR> <BR>Do you possibly have any ideas why this should be?<BR> <BR>The query was running perfectly until I added some new fields and data to PriceCategoryCabin and still works with IDs that existed prior to new records being added. It just does not make sense.<BR> <BR>Any ideas appreciated!<BR> <BR>Thanks<BR>Jason