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Thread: How to redirect page when one process is running

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    Hi Friends,<BR> I need some help.<BR>I have 3 tasks.<BR>Task 1:Just save user uploaded file to specified folder.<BR>Task 2:Call another process to re-format the file content and save the content with another file extension.<BR>Task 3:Display thank you message on browser. <BR> Presently these 3 tasks simulteniously working well. But it takes around 8 min to execute the entire process. <BR> What I need to do: Task 2 consumes around 5 min.<BR> So I want to initialise Task 2 after Task1 execution and with out waiting task2 response,I need to display some message on browser. Means I need to execute the task2 process offline at server.<BR> I have some solutions like calling a scheduler like "control M" program etc..<BR>Through true ASP, is there any way to acheive the above mentioned? Thanks for your feedback.<BR> <BR><BR>

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    sure is.<BR><BR>Carry out tasks 1 and 3, putting the file into a &#039;holding&#039; folder.<BR><BR>Now write your second asp page to do the reformatting, file name change and move the file from the &#039;holding&#039; folder to the &#039;working&#039; folder.<BR><BR>Lastly execute this second asp at given intervals, either run it using a scheduler, or more simply, through an IE web browser;<BR><BR>Navigate to your second asp page, click favourites; add to favourites, check the &#039;make available online&#039; box, then customise. Follow the instructions until you get to &#039;set up a new schedule&#039;.<BR><BR>Et voila, put the schedule in then just make sure that browser has internet access at the given times.

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