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    Guys--<BR><BR>Got a question for you as I appear to be entering unknown territory...<BR><BR>I developed an entire application per my clients specs in Access and it turns out they are wanting to possibly change the db to Oracle...<BR><BR>How different is the SQL syntax that Oracle accepts; meaning that if I have SQL statements in my code like...<BR><BR>SELECT s.NextPage<BR>FROM tblApplicant a<BR>INNER JOIN tblSurvey s<BR> ON s.AID = a.SSN<BR><BR>What kinds of things changing from Access to Oracle will I need to watch out for and what does a Oracle connection string look like..?<BR><BR>Any assistance on this would be great..!<BR>

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    Default Simple SQL like that...

    ...will be no problem.<BR><BR>In general, Access is a kind of "lowest common denominator" of DBs. If Access can do it, any DB can.<BR><BR>BUT...<BR><BR>But watch out for use of all the handy little functions that Access inherits from VBA. Such as all the date/time and string functions. Or the sloppy coding it allows in comparing different types of data. Or ...<BR><BR>And, of course, Dates and Times will be different. <BR><BR>

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