I will try to keep this simple. I have a set of 5 dlls that house the business logic for my e-commerce site and are all part of 1 COM Package. I recently added a 6th dll to the package (additional feature) that is referenced in the other 5. I set this dll up the same as the others (most importantly using Binary Compatiblity). What is happening is this...<BR><BR>When I update the #6 dll and run the ASP application the other 5 dlls no longer function properly. I then need to recompile the other 5 and update those before all will work together. My confusion lies in the fact that all are set to binary compatibility.<BR><BR>Additional Information: all 6 dlls implement ObjectControl and gain the ASP Intrinsic Object Context. Versioning, Compatiblity and Threading are identical on all 6.<BR><BR>Any ideas? Thanks in advance.<BR>Scorch