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    I am looking for some input on using freeware ASP scripts. My company wants to implement some new features including a mailing list, online polls, and a message board. We will be using ASP for these features, but we don&#039;t have an ASP programmer on staff.<BR><BR>Does anyone have any information on what security risks, if any, might be involved in installing freeware scripts on the server, as opposed to using a commercial product or writing the scripts in-house?

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    Default Freeware means no support

    So if something goes wrong, how will you fix it?<BR><BR>Considering the *VERY* nominal cost of many of the commercial ASP scripts (and they usually have a "try before you buy" policy), *I* would say you should go for a supported product instead of true freebie stuff.<BR><BR>Check for what is available. They have the most extensive list of ASP-based products (free and cheap...and a few expensive) that I know of.<BR><BR>

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