dynamically changing attributes "onmouseover"

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Thread: dynamically changing attributes "onmouseover"

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    Default dynamically changing attributes "onmouseover"

    I have a page that is showing data from database in html &#060;table&#062;, &#060;tr&#062;,&#060;td&#062; tags. All this is been done on the server side using Response.Write<BR>One of the column is made Anchor tag and whenever the mouse is moved over this column value, I want to make the text bold or change the color of the &#060;td&#062; something like that.<BR>how could this be done?

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    Default Sure you can

    there is an onmouseover event<BR><BR><BR>do whatever in that event<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default http://www.irt.org

    Look in the JavaScript FAQ on that site.<BR><BR>Lots of ideas. Fair warning, doing this so it works well in *ALL* browsers isn&#039;t necessarily easy.<BR><BR>

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