sorry if this is at all confusing, if you can&#039;t understand NP thanks for at least looking.. but if you can follow me any and all help appreciated:<BR>hello.. i need some assistence designing the logic behind a hierarchy based work flow program .. basically to give you the run down the program will have top level: 1,2,3,4,etc inside 1 you will have: a,b,c,d,etc inside 1b you&#039;d have: 1,2,3,4,etc and so on and so forth.. so it would be real easy to determine the placement of an item in the hierarchy with an entry like "2c5b2" by just writing a function to rip through it and determine its place.. i also think it&#039;d be easy to determine items inside each step using WHERE [Place] LIKE &#039;2c5b%&#039; AND LEN([Place],5) .. the Place LIKE statement to find the entries and the LEN() to make sure you don&#039;t get the "children" of the entries in "2c5b" .. I was all set to use this as my model but then I realized something.. lets say something is inside "1c4", the whole point of making it database driven is to be able to add and subtract items with easy.. say you need to add a step insde "1c" and it needs to come after the current step 3.. so the original step 4 (1c4) now becomes step 5 (1c5) .. and all the "children" of the old 4 would need to be changed.. which can be really annoying but could be done with a update query to change the 1c4&#039;s to 1c5 prior to the new 1c4 being added.. but doesn&#039;t seem efficient.. so basically i am asking for some help designing the logic behind the whole hierarchy system.. any input is GREATLY appreciated.. thanks..<BR>Chris<BR>