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    My specialties are Database/VB/VBA programming, but I have more recently taken the plunge into the Web/Database integration, to extend my skills. <BR><BR>I am not an HTML wizard or Graphic Designer or DTP expert! I like to stick to what I know and am good at. The problem I face frequenlty is that I must take fancy HTML pages and add ASP and DB functionality. I complete my programming and it all works fine based on the original HTML page. Then my client decides that he wants to revamp his html. If he edits the file, say with DreamWeaver, and he re-arranges or replaces design elements, in the process he may inadvertently move or delete part of my programme logic, because he can&#039t see or understand my code. Although I think that the problem could be decreased via frames, this has been ruled out for various reasons.<BR><BR>Not being a DTP expert, I am a bit limited in how much I can redesign the look of the page. Therefore it is necessary to separate the job skills for the project.<BR><BR>I was just wondering how others cope with these issues. Any suggestion would be appreciated on how designers and programmers can work together without clobbering each others work. Incidentally, I use Visual Interdev and basically I prefer to hand edit the HTML.<BR><BR>To solve the problem I have decided that I can chop his pages into 2 part, the head and foot, as he lays his page out with table within table within table. He usually has an inner table with just one row and one column, height and width etc speciifed. The content basically is laid out within this a &#060;td&#062;&#060;/td&#062; set. So I split the file at this point, and use an #INCLUDE at the top an bottom of my asp file. I then program my part into table which is sized to 100% of his inner table. I can use various if-then-else, do-while-loop, select-case statements to fill out the dynamic content. <BR><BR>This is the best solution I have come up with and it seems to work but I think it can be done better.

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    I too have this problem, being a Core HTML/ASP Developer I have been handcoding for over 4 Years.. and I increasingly come across people who use WYSIWYG editors which breaks ASP/VBScript Code.<BR><BR>Although you can configure Dreamweaver not to touch code that it doesn&#039t understand - I suspect that the problem may be with the Dreamweaver user deleting areas to make his "design" look good.<BR><BR>The best way I&#039ve found to get around this is to persuade the client to use a Text based HTML editor. There is usually a resistance to this, but it is by far the best solution.<BR><BR>The only way I could persuade people that it&#039s possible without physically seeing the design was to design it myself ( - and I proved my point.<BR><BR>

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