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    Milt Guest

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    I have a new set-up table in access that accepts new user requests, and an update table that accepts requests for updates, in order to hang onto the original data in thes set-up table until the update has been approved. Is there any way to compare the request record with the update record to determine what FIELD values have changed? I know a lot of SQL but am not sure how to do this. Any ideas?

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    Leungas Guest

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    there are two ways:<BR><BR>1 (The long and slow way):<BR>Run the select query with that specific record, compare the fields, if it is not changed, set it to the value that it is currently. Then update the recordset<BR><BR>2 (work in SQL server):<BR>The same method, but do it all in the store procedure...<BR><BR>Hope this helps

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